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Have Patience With Your Skin Care Products

Trying a new product on your skin? You use it for 2 days and decide that it is not working. You were expecting beautiful results overnight. Lets be realistic, that does not happen. We all want that jar of cream that gives us beautiful, flawless, porcelain skin, or the perfect canvas to show our beauty.. What about those purple spots on the face from picking at our pimples. If you pick at your face, it will not be healed unless you do something positive to help your skin.

The most important thing to remember, is that it took your skin some time to get in this shape. It is going to take time to make it right again. Purple spots do not just disappear. They have to slowly fade. The same with blemishes. They are under the skin. You have to kill the bacteria and heal what is causing your skin breakout.

Anti Aging is another story. We all spent time out in the sun without our sunscreen. Maybe we smoke, or are under stress. All of these will add to the aging process. You still go to bed with make up on the face, just as you always have. You are too tired to clean and nourish the skin before you retire. This has to stop.

Remember everything that you have ever done to your skin in your youth, starts showing up as you get older. I find the early 40’s your skin goes through some major changes. You must be ready to nurture your skin before you arrive at that age. If you are 40 and older, don’t worry, it is never too late to start.

Working with people online for 14 years, I know how quickly people want results. I support my customers while they are going through the process of changing their skin. If they tell me they do not like a product, I make sure they are using it properly. Most of the time they are not. If a customer is having some type of issue with their skin, we work on it together until we achieve the results we want.

Yes, sometimes a products does not work for you. You must give it a chance to see if it is right for your skin, and then you can change. If you have breakouts, you have to understand that the skin must be healed below the surface of the skin. Your skin might purge or bring up the “bad stuff” under the skin to make you break out. Once the skin purges, then you have the opportunity to heal it with the right products.

Once you are ready for healing, it is best to go slowly. Try one product at a time. If you are trying a new skin care line, you cannot add 5 new products in one day and expect a miracle. Introduce each product slowly, and see the results it is having on your skin. That way, if there is a problem, you know what is causing it.

Many times it is necessary to back off a few days and then start again. Your skin might be sensitive at first until it has acclimated to the new products. Try your new product for a few days. If you see a reaction, stop until your skin calms down. Then go back slowly once a day until you see the results you are looking for.

Our skin needs to be treated gently. There are so many wonderful products to help us through whatever issue we might have. It is a wonderful time for skin care. There is an answer for every problem. We just have to find the right answer…… patiently.

Written by JoElla Milan   November 2008


Skin Peels: Do They Work?

Skin Peels  

Skin peels are known to regenerate new surface skin. Most peels are formulated to help dissolve dead and dying surface skin cells without damaging regenerative layers. When used progressively as directed most skin can take on the appearance healthy youthful looking skin for TODAY, TOMORROW & ALWAYS.

How do peels work?

Most skin peels are composed of acids; AHA, lactic acid, phenol acid, retin-A and glycolic acid are some of the more popular. The objective is to topically apply a product thus speeding up the skin’s natural process of exfoliation, which can also slow with age. Gary Grove, Ph.D., vice president of research and development of Philadelphia’s Skin Study Center states “the acids dissolve the glue that holds dead cells to the skin.” Removal of surface dead cells activates a generation of new skin cells, thinning and smoothing the upper skin layers.

What is the difference between one peel and another peel?

Lactic acid peels are derived from dairy products. Phenol is extracted from coal tar. Retinol is a highly concentrated Vitamin A substance. AHA and glycolic acid comes principally from vegetable sources such as fruit and sugar cane.

Do peels work the same on all types of skin?

Because each individuals skin reacts differently, no particular acid peel is universally effective. Reactions can occur even with some non-prescription over the counter products that are low in strength, due to an allergy to acid derivatives. For a majority of people, peels can be tolerated and beneficial to the skin. As a beauty and health care specialist, Florence Johnson, RCI, highly recommends a 24-hour patch test before any type of skin care treatment. Care should be taken with some individual skin conditions because peels, of any kind, may not be tolerated on some skin or can compound into the skin if used too often.

Cost vs. Effectiveness

In order for the peel to be of any benefit it must affect the skin. Glycolic peels have dominated esthetic news, because they seem to produce results with relative safety. There is however, no way to predict the safety or effectiveness for any particular individual.

Skin peel products and treatments professionally administered with higher strength acid percentages are considered cosmetic procedures and a likewise carry a serious price tag. In professional clinical settings when monitored to individual sensitivity, peels have been used at very high concentrations. When properly administered they stimulate surface skin, encourage oxygen production to regenerative skin layers and stimulate surface skin function. On the other hand, caution should be taken on extremely tanned or dark skin because the higher strength phenol peels can lighten the skin.

Commercial skin peel products sold over the counter are thought to be somewhat less expensive. Using an effective lower phenol peel is the best solution for the consumer unfamiliar in navigating the field of skin care products that may or may not fit the individual skin type or budget.

Sold nationally and internationally with positive results, with 50+ years in the beauty and health care field FANIÉ’s Unveil Skinsation has become one of the most popular products within the history of the company. Formulated by using a cosmetic phenol based solution it has shown to be effective with skin showing the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads: pitted skin, scars and fine lines. As part of the FANIÉ individualized program the appearance of healthy, radiant looking skin can once again by yours progressively. See and feel a difference from the very first use. Use as directed in concert with other FANIÉ products.

 Article written by: Florence Johnson, the President of Fanie International

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Keys Points to Healing Acne

Acneic skin is a big problem and very confusing for the consumer. There are so many products to choose from and your physician wants to put you on medication. What are you suppose to do.? There are many wonderful options today to help with problematic skin. The most important point is to stick with the program once you start. There is a product for every budget. Commit yourself to the daily regime to obtaining healthy skin.
Results are what you are looking for. Even if you love a product and your skin does not look good, you might want to try something else that is better suited for your skin. If you are on the right program, you should have positive outcome.
It is very important to understand the following when looking at skin care products.:
* Do not use products that dry out the skin. When you strip your skin of natural oils, it has to work twice as hard to produce more oil, creating more breakouts. If your skin is too oily, realize you are using a product that is too harsh or drying on the skin.
* You need to use products that kill the bacteria. This is one of the key components to clear skin. It is the underlying bacteria that can be the problem. Below the surface of the skin. A cleanser, cream or serum that specifically kills the bacteria is what you need.

* Hydration is also a key factor to healthy skin. A hydrated skin will help keep oil production down. Hydration is a healthy moisture feel to the skin. Not oily. Do not confuse the two.

* Just because a product says that it is oil free does not necessarily mean that it is. If you are having breakouts, you might want to look at the ingredients This includes sunscreen. Some of them can block the pores and cause breakouts. Be sure the product agrees with your skin.

* Do not use a topical product that sits on top of the skin and does not penetrate. Using a regular moisturizer that is not made for acne will not be beneficial. You need the product to go below the epidermis to start the healing process. It is as important to heal both below the skin and above

*If you sweat when you work out, be sure to clean your skin with an anti-bacterial product. It is best not to wash too often when you have breakouts. This can make the skin sensitive and cause more breakouts. Twice a day is the suggested amount, three times a day if you have worked up a sweat.

* Do not pick at your blemishes. Your hands contain bacteria, only making the blemish become infected. Let your products do the work to heal your skin. Picking and squeezing may cause pigmentation and scarring. This can result in more problems than the actual breakout.

* Do not sleep in your make-up. When you sleep, it is time for your skin to heal. A clean face before retiring to bed is an important step. Taking that extra few minutes can make a big difference in how your skin looks.

* For teenagers, if you do not take the time to wash before bedtime, apply a product that will kill the bacteria. You will be doing something positive for your skin while you sleep.

* Be patient. Your skin will not heal overnight. It is possible the skin may purge first, bringing up bacteria and impurities. Once through this process, the skin should start clearing up with the proper care. It took time for your face to get in this condition. It takes time to heal.

If you cannot make progress with the help of a skin care expert and your skin is still inflamed and infected, see your Dermatologist. Medication might be a necessary step.

Article written by JoElla Milan  November 2008

Fountain of Youth

FANIÉ (Fa-naý) International

 An amazing head-to-toe holistic home care health and beauty system, that is effective and unique. Successfully used by men and women the world over for nearly 50 years, FANIÉ products provide natural, realistic solutions to skin. Discover for yourself the beauty secret inside every jar of FANIÉ pure botanical products… “No Promises, Just Results.” Fanie is used and endorsed by many of the large beauty pageants.  It is truly the “Fountain of Youth”. 

The Fanie Masques which are sold on my website are the most result producing masques I have worked with as an Esthetician.  The results are cumulative and they truely turn back the hands-of-time.

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8 Reasons I Should Use Oxygen Based Skin Care Products.

"The World Leader in Oxygen Skin Care"As an esthetician that has worked with oxygen based skin care lines for 14 years. I have seen the results in oxygen skin care. Results that are seen immediately and that help the skin heal and radiate health. Below are 8 important reasons to use oxygen based products
1. As of the age of 25, our oxygen level decreases in the skin compared to the oxygen level of a teenager. As we age, the capillaries become fewer and less flexible, so the oxygen does not pass through properly, decreasing cell function. A gray, dull lifeless look to the skin, no vitality are signs of lack of oxygen in the skin that can make the skin more prone to aging.
2. Oxygen needs to be stabilized in order to be delivered into the dermis. Dr. Paul Herzog holder of an honorary doctorate from the Nobel Institute, and inventor of the artificial respirator, was the first to stabilize oxygen in a cream. Oxygen is safe, natural and highly effective at killing bacteria
3. The results are many. Oxygen products are preservative free emulsion that can remain stable for years. Skin is normalized, less oiliness, more hydration. Very sensitive skin with rosacea, smokers that have depleted the oxygen in their skin, to severe problem skin such as acne, can benefit from the oxygen .
4. All ethic backgrounds may benefit from oxygen skin care. Black skin which is so sensitive thrives on oxygen. It helps even the skin tone and even helps with ingrown hairs. Asian skin which is also sensitive, can benefit from the emulsion. It is gentle, yet effective on their skin.
5. The product discovered by Dr. Herzog is stabilized in the form of hydrogen peroxide. When the emulsions make contact with the skin, and catalase, one of the most abundant enzymes in the skin, the stabilized hydrogen peroxide is converted into oxygen gas and water. The results are instant hydration, stimulated blood circulation, more collagen is produced and will help to prevent free-radicals.
6. Anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen is one of natures best disinfectants and helps with even the most stubborn cases of acne.
7. The oxygen promotes healing in post surgery and with healing. The wounds or sutures are hydrated, the oxygen kills the bacteria, Both speeding up the healing process, decreasing scarring and bruising.
8. There is not a person from children to adult that will not benefit from using the right oxygen products on the skin. Fight acne, prevent and improve wrinkles and laxity and make the skin glow. Fighting free radicals is one of the most beneficial, plus incredible hydration.

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Article Written by JoElla Milan

“The World Leader in Oxygen Skin Care/Karin Herzog Skin Care

“The World Leader in Oxygen Skin Care.  I have represented this line for 14 years.  It helps restore the oxygen level of the skin, that you start loosing at approximately age 25.  I sell this line on my website.

Through the years, I have seen so many miracles with this product line.  Acne that has been cleared up.  Skin Wounds that have healed.  Post Surgery healing with almost no scarring.  Anti aging, with wonderful results for the skin.  No matter what products you use, an oxygen product by Karin Herzog is a must.

The Oxygen kills the bacteria.  The oxygen puts incredible hydration into the skin.  Pigmentation breaks up and fades.  Helpful in restoring the oxygen levels of the skin and strengthing the walls of the capillaries.  Healing of rosacea, excema, and more.  I love this line.

Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care

I love this chirally correct line, developed by Dr. Ben Johnson.  Dr. Johnson is an innovator of skin care and is always working to bring you the most updated, current ingredients.  He was also the formulator for the CosMedix line.  After leaving there, he started Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care.  I am happy to say, that I have had a long successful business relationship with him and his wife Tammy who is Vice President of the company.   You may see the Osmosis line on my website