Retinol Modified A and D Skin Conditioner by Fanie International

Fanie  Retinol A & D

Fanie Retinol A & D

Love, Love, Love this product.  It has done so much for my skin.  I had this red spot on my left lower check that would not go away.  A little pigmentation next to it also.   It bothered me, since I have nice skin and this was very obvious.   Microdermabrasion, peels, every product I could think of.  Nothing worked.

I started using the Retinol A and D and the spot is almost gone.  You cannot even notice it now. Also the pigmentation is also.   When you first start using this product, you might feel dry for a week.  Keep using it.  Then skin tags, pigmentation, etc, seem to slowly go away.  It is very inexpensive also.  I has also almost removed most of my sundamage on my chest.  Purchase on my website


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