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LeMieux ISO Cell Recovery Serum is An Award Winner



ISO CELL Recovery Solution is one of LeMieux’s top selling products

Great for healing, wound care, stressed skin, after microdermabrasion or any procedure.  Help for rosacea, inflammation too.

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LeMieux Cosmetics Debuts 2 Rosacea Kits





LeMieux Cosmetics has come out with 2 new Rosacea Kits    

LeMieux Pustular Rosacea  5 Piece Kit   

This kit is for people that have those bad breakouts that also have the pustules.  It is a constant battle to keep it in check.  These 5 pieces are designed to help.

LeMieux Dry Rosacea 4 piece kit.

This kit is for people with sensitive skin, redness on the checks, or slight rosacea characteristics.

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