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Fanie International Modified Retinol A & D

Fanie International Retinol A & D made the list of one of my most favorite products.  I love this product.  It heals, exfoliates and seems to help remove the various things on my skin that I don’t want.

This includes  skin tags, sundamage, dried up sun spots, pigmentation and old dead capillaries.  This product is not for sensitive skin, put if you want improvement, this is the product.  The great feature is that it is not expensive.

To purchase this product, please visit http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

Fanie International Modified Retinol A & D

Fanie International Modified Retinol A & D

Retinol Modified A and D Skin Conditioner by Fanie International

Fanie  Retinol A & D

Fanie Retinol A & D

Love, Love, Love this product.  It has done so much for my skin.  I had this red spot on my left lower check that would not go away.  A little pigmentation next to it also.   It bothered me, since I have nice skin and this was very obvious.   Microdermabrasion, peels, every product I could think of.  Nothing worked.

I started using the Retinol A and D and the spot is almost gone.  You cannot even notice it now. Also the pigmentation is also.   When you first start using this product, you might feel dry for a week.  Keep using it.  Then skin tags, pigmentation, etc, seem to slowly go away.  It is very inexpensive also.  I has also almost removed most of my sundamage on my chest.  Purchase on my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

Retinol A & and D

This is one of my most favorite Products of Fanie International.  It is strong yet gentle  Very effective in treating sundamaged skin and light pigmentation.   I personally have used it on my chest, which has more than its share of sundamage.  Almost everyone in California has some type of sundamage on their chest.  This Lotion has really made a difference.

You apply it nightly on face or chest.  If you skin seems dry at first, continue on and it will improve.  Then it will become smooth and even toned.  Sometimes on my chest, it gets itchy or sensitive.  This is the dead skin loosening up.  Sometimes I back off a few days, and then resume my treatment.  Slowly the dead skin and discolored skin is disappearing.

I also like to use Fanie’s C Collagen Creme after applying the Retinol A and D.  It helps moisturize the skin and give it a beautiful look.