Keys Points to Healing Acne

Acneic skin is a big problem and very confusing for the consumer. There are so many products to choose from and your physician wants to put you on medication. What are you suppose to do.? There are many wonderful options today to help with problematic skin. The most important point is to stick with the program once you start. There is a product for every budget. Commit yourself to the daily regime to obtaining healthy skin.
Results are what you are looking for. Even if you love a product and your skin does not look good, you might want to try something else that is better suited for your skin. If you are on the right program, you should have positive outcome.
It is very important to understand the following when looking at skin care products.:
* Do not use products that dry out the skin. When you strip your skin of natural oils, it has to work twice as hard to produce more oil, creating more breakouts. If your skin is too oily, realize you are using a product that is too harsh or drying on the skin.
* You need to use products that kill the bacteria. This is one of the key components to clear skin. It is the underlying bacteria that can be the problem. Below the surface of the skin. A cleanser, cream or serum that specifically kills the bacteria is what you need.

* Hydration is also a key factor to healthy skin. A hydrated skin will help keep oil production down. Hydration is a healthy moisture feel to the skin. Not oily. Do not confuse the two.

* Just because a product says that it is oil free does not necessarily mean that it is. If you are having breakouts, you might want to look at the ingredients This includes sunscreen. Some of them can block the pores and cause breakouts. Be sure the product agrees with your skin.

* Do not use a topical product that sits on top of the skin and does not penetrate. Using a regular moisturizer that is not made for acne will not be beneficial. You need the product to go below the epidermis to start the healing process. It is as important to heal both below the skin and above

*If you sweat when you work out, be sure to clean your skin with an anti-bacterial product. It is best not to wash too often when you have breakouts. This can make the skin sensitive and cause more breakouts. Twice a day is the suggested amount, three times a day if you have worked up a sweat.

* Do not pick at your blemishes. Your hands contain bacteria, only making the blemish become infected. Let your products do the work to heal your skin. Picking and squeezing may cause pigmentation and scarring. This can result in more problems than the actual breakout.

* Do not sleep in your make-up. When you sleep, it is time for your skin to heal. A clean face before retiring to bed is an important step. Taking that extra few minutes can make a big difference in how your skin looks.

* For teenagers, if you do not take the time to wash before bedtime, apply a product that will kill the bacteria. You will be doing something positive for your skin while you sleep.

* Be patient. Your skin will not heal overnight. It is possible the skin may purge first, bringing up bacteria and impurities. Once through this process, the skin should start clearing up with the proper care. It took time for your face to get in this condition. It takes time to heal.

If you cannot make progress with the help of a skin care expert and your skin is still inflamed and infected, see your Dermatologist. Medication might be a necessary step.

Article written by JoElla Milan  November 2008


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